Two possible interpretations


Is it possible to interpret this sentence in two ways?


"I do not like people going to such a place."


1) I do not like people who go to such a place.


2) I do not like that people go to such a place. 


What do you experts think? Thank you so much as always.

asked Aug 30 '12 at 04:35 Hans Contributor

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I agree with Lewis's interpretation. While your sentence could be interpreted either way, most native speakers will hear it as Lewis did, closer to sentence #2.


In response to your comment. People's is incorrect. It is a possessive, not a plural, and your sentence has nothing to be possessed. And no, people is not the subject of the sentence. That is "I". However, people does function as the subject of a clause that functions as the sentence's object.

link edited Aug 30 '12 at 13:39 Jeff Pribyl Grammarly Fellow

I meant a subject of meaning like "their going" in Lewis's reply. By the way, thank you so much as usual and it really helped again.

HansAug 30 '12 at 15:22

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