dont understand


so,what the correct sentences?

how to make our grammer succecly correct for those does not know hoe to writin g essay.?

See example:

By having facebook,it can strengthen the social comunication between friend,yeacher,and relative.we
asked Apr 16 '11 at 09:58 Siti Ayop New member

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"By using(1) Facebook(2), one(3) can strengthen the social communication(4) between friends(5), teachers, and relatives.(6)"

You did well for a none-native speaker.
(1) 'Having' means in possession of or owning, which you can't do with Facebook.
(2) Facebook is capitalized because it is a proper noun.
(3) You can use any subject here that refers to the people who are 'using Facebook'.
(4) Spelling correction.
(5) When speaking in general terms English uses plurals. If you want to be specific use "a friend, a teacher, and a relative.
(6) Put a space after the period to separate sentences.

link comment answered Apr 17 '11 at 03:24 Andrew Waddell Contributor

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