How can I use brackets in a sentence?


If I use brackets in a sentence, can I put a fullstop afterwards?

example: I don't like tea (my whole family kind of hate tea). However, coffee is a totally different thing.

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You can place a period after an end parenthesis -- there is no rule against it. But as Tolley said, in this case it makes your sentence choppy.


For parenthetical phrases -- that is what "my whole family hates tea" is called -- the first preference is to separate the phrase with commas. Front and back if the phrase falls in the middle of a sentence, or just at the front if it falls at the end. If you wish to provide a slightly greater emphasis, you use dashes or parenthesis to enclose the phrase. Do not overuse the dashes or the parenthesis. Most times, the comma is the best choice.

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Good answer. Thanks

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