Confused Grammar!!


I'm a teacher who teaches English in Malaysia.
I'm quite confused with several simple sentences which had been argued amongst!




1) a. She cleans the room herself.
    b. She cleans the room by herself.
    # When to use "BY"?


2) a. I cycle in the park.
     b. I cycle at the park.



3) a. He is pointing at the sky.
     b. He is pointing to the sky.
     c. He is pointing the stars in the sky.


4) a. The papaya plant has large leaves at the top of the tree.
     b. The papaya plant has large leaves at the top of the trunk.



5) a. She is watching a singing concert now.
     b. She is watching a concert now.


6) a. The ship is sailing in the ocean.
     b. The ship is sailing on the ocean.
     c. The ship is sailing across the ocean.
     # when to use "in" for sea and ocean?



7) a. The duck is on the pond.
     b. The duck is in the pond.


8) a. My father's favourite food is eggs.
     b. My father's favourite food is egg.
     c. My father's favourite food are eggs.



9) a. He watched a football match.
     b. He watched the football match.


10) a. The competition is open to Years 4, 5 and 6.
      b. The competition is open for Years 4, 5 and 6.



11) ‎a. There is a fishing village by the seaside.
      b. There is a fishing village at the seaside.


12) a. There are fruits in the hamper.
       b. The fruits is in the hamper.



13) a. He used an umbrella in the rain.


14) a.The boy wears spectacles.
      b. The boy wears the spectacles.



15) a. My mother is kneading a dough.
      b. My mother is kneading the dough.


16) a. I must take a bath every day.
       b. I must bathe every day.



17) a. May I go to / to the toilet, please?
      b. May I go to / to the bathroom, please?
      c. May I go to / to the washroom, please?
      # Does "toilet" refer to the toilet bowl but not the washroom?


18) a. This kitchen is my mother's.
       b. This is my mother's kitchen.



19) a. The peacock has beautiful feathers.
       b. The peacock has a beautiful tail.


20) a. I took a flight to Kuala Lumpur.
       b. I took a plane to Kuala Lumpur.
       c. I took an aeroplane to Kuala Lumpur.



21) a. I went to Kuala Lumpur by plane.
      b. I went to Kuala Lumur by aeroplane.


22) sit in / on a chair?



23) a.There were many books arranged neatly in the shelf / bookshelf.
       b. There were many books arranged neatly on the shelf / bookshelf.


24) ________, the exam is finished. What a relief!

       A) Eventually
       B) At last
       C) At the end


25) a. The choir sings well.
       b. The choir sing well.



26) a. He is typing with a computer.
       b. He is typing in a computer.
       c. He is typing using a computer.
       d. He is typing on a computer.


27) a. The cow is grazing in the field.        b. The cow is grazing on the field.        c. The cow is grazing at the field.

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Have a look at this free lesson, it should help! <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>

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