"the" funds??



is it necessary to use "the " before funds in the sentence below, this was the first time the word fund introduced.


See example:

To raise interest in the race, a $25,000 purse was offered, with Joe Redington donating one acre of his land to help raise the funds.
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It does not matter whether this is the first time funds is introduced. In your sentence, you do not need the definite article the, but leaving it out gives your sentence a very different meaning. Here is why.


With single count nouns -- things that can be counted -- you must use an article before the noun. A fund or the fund. You use the indefinite article (a or an) if you are referring to any fund in general. You use the definite article (the) to refer to a specific fund. Remember, you must use the article with singular count nouns.


Funds is a plural count noun. Like with singular count nouns, you have a choice. You can leave out the article when you are discussing funds generally, or you can use the funds to indicate specific funds.


As your sentence is now written, the funds suggest the funds were raised for a specific purpose. If you leave out the article, you are referring to funds more generally. Although I don't know the context of your sentence, it is likely that the funds is the best choice -- especially as Tolley points out, you give a specific amount. $20,000 = the funds.


I hope this helps.

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Excellent! You always have my vote, sir.

sanjayAug 23 '12 at 04:17

thank u ... d ans is very clear...but do we have to always use an article before plural pubd.. in this case it I'd going to be only "the" thank u

Malini Aug 23 '12 at 06:58

sry it is plural noun .. not pubd ...

Malini Aug 23 '12 at 06:58

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