whats subjunctive ?and when do we use it ? exemplify 

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"Grammar denoting a mood of verbs used when the content of the clause is being doubted, supposed, feared true, etc., rather than being asserted. The rules for its use and the range of meanings it may possess vary considerably from language to language. In the following sentence, were is in the subjunctive I'd think very seriously about that if I were you." 


Subjunctive verbs: Demand, desire, insist, prefer, propose, recommend, request, require, suggest and urge.


Subjunctive nouns: Demand, insistence, preference, proposal, recommendation, request, requirement and suggestion.


If a subjunctive verb is present in the first part of a complex sentence, the sentence to be adopted is:


Subject + Aux + subjnc V + O/C + that +S +V(present form only) + O/C


Our grand mother DEMANDS that John alone act as the family's spokesperson.

Won't you SUGGEST that the chief guest address all the children separately?

The Minister did DESIRE that the PA collect all petitions from the public.

Did you RECOMMEND that Monish not run in the relay race.



Sentences containing Subjunctive adverbs will always start with "it is or What is"


Here is the formula:


It is/What is + Subjnc. Adv + that + S + V(base form of the verb without any aux) + O/C


It is IMPORTANT that your brother partake in the convocation ceremony.

Is it NECESSARY that every member sign the register?

Isn't it IMPERATIVE that you be present at every meeting?


Subjunctive conjunction(Lest)


Sentence formula:


S + A + V + O/C + that + S + V( any present form verb without auxiliary) 


"Lest" means, " in order that .... not" or " for a fear that..."


Don't over-praise any person LEST the other misunderstand you.

You must not irritate any boxer LEST  he thrash you nice and proper.

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