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i submitted a paper for proofing and there were still erro when i ran it through another program called turnit in, and also with this program and none of the other tuff was fixed. im not understanind how this works.

asked Aug 11 '12 at 21:06 joanne Joseph New member

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As Patty said, you need to contact Grammarly Support for questions about the service.


That said, there are several things you need to know about software that checks your grammar. First, no software corrects your writing. To correct errors, the software would need to understand your writing -- that is, know the meaning of the words. We are not yet at the point where software can do that with a high degree of accuracy. Indeed, because English is such a complex language -- you may have noticed that the rules are not always consistent, that there are exceptions to the rules, and the rules change depending upon the context -- software cannot find all of the errors in a text, and many errors the software finds are "false positives" (that is, not errors at all). This brings us to the second point.


Different software has different strengths and weaknesses. I use several different programs -- both web based and standalone -- to check my writing. While all of the programs find more or less the same simple errors, no two programs find the same complex errors. Even the false positives differ. There are some types of errors that none of the programs find.


I have come to believe that together the half dozen programs I use find about 90% of the problems in my text. I use the software to flag areas that I need to give special attention. Even the false positives (except spelling) are useful. While the sentence may be grammatically correct, I often see a better way of saying it as I review. Even after all of that effort, my human editor still finds things that need more work or outright correction.


But in all cases, I still have to make the changes myself. Don't look for the lazy way out because one just does not exist.


I hope this helps.

link comment answered Aug 11 '12 at 23:51 Jeff Pribyl Grammarly Fellow

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