I never tell a lie.


Is it correct to say "I never tell a lie." ? If so, is there a difference between "I never lie" and "I never tell a lie."?

correct asked Aug 05 '12 at 06:48 Mehdi New member

Mehdi, Please do not vote for me. Wait for the other experts for the best answers. I am still learning, and I request you not to vote for me .

sanjayAug 05 '12 at 11:47

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'To lie' means 'to tell a lie'.


I tell a lie (or that's a lie): British informal used to correct oneself immediately when one realizes that one has made an incorrect remark:
I never used to dream—I tell a lie, I did dream when I was young.


I agree with Mr. Sanjay.


In your case, as I was taught, there is no difference in two types of sentences.

I never lie: 'lie' used as verb.

I never tell a lie: lie used as noun.

link answered Aug 05 '12 at 14:16 Rahul Gupta Expert

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sanjayAug 06 '12 at 05:19

May I know where you are from, sir

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Kota, Rajasthan.

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