I never tell a lie.


Is it correct to say "I never tell a lie." ? If so, is there a difference between "I never lie" and "I never tell a lie."?

correct asked Aug 05 '12 at 06:48 Mehdi New member

Mehdi, Please do not vote for me. Wait for the other experts for the best answers. I am still learning, and I request you not to vote for me .

sanjayAug 05 '12 at 11:47

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I never lie means it is your habit of not lying to anyone.

I never tell a lie means it is not possible for you to tell a lie. If he/she does something illegal/wrong, he/she admits it.


In my opinion, we all tell white lies.  Let us wait for the other experts for the best answers. Please do not vote for me.

link edited Aug 05 '12 at 11:42 sanjay Expert

Well-said. It's true: "We all tell white lies".

Rahul GuptaAug 05 '12 at 14:18

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'To lie' means 'to tell a lie'.


I tell a lie (or that's a lie): British informal used to correct oneself immediately when one realizes that one has made an incorrect remark:
I never used to dream—I tell a lie, I did dream when I was young.


I agree with Mr. Sanjay.


In your case, as I was taught, there is no difference in two types of sentences.

I never lie: 'lie' used as verb.

I never tell a lie: lie used as noun.

link answered Aug 05 '12 at 14:16 Rahul Gupta Expert

I am going to up-vote you, Sir.

sanjayAug 06 '12 at 05:19

May I know where you are from, sir

sanjayAug 06 '12 at 05:20

Kota, Rajasthan.

Rahul GuptaAug 06 '12 at 08:04

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