is this correct


is the comma in the right place

See example:

For many years newspapers have been a primary source of information in regards to such topics as: war, politics, economic, and social issues.
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Yes, your sentence is correctly punctuated (at least in the minds of many). However, there is some debate as to whether the short introductory phrase "For many years" must also be set off by a comma. Most American style guides says that the comma is optional following short introductory phrases. But there is no consensus regarding what a short phrase is -- two words? three words? four words?


Because of this uncertainty (what is short to me may be long to you), I prefer to always use a comma after the introductory phrase -- regardless of length.


"in regards to" presents a problem. Garner's Modern American Usage (3rd edition, 2009, Oxford University Press) tells us that when "regard" is used as a noun in either in regard to or with regard to, we must use the singular regard and not the plural regards. Garner's does not suggest "in regard to" is poor usage, but suggests that regarding may often be a better usage. The Columbia Guide to Standard American English (1993, Columbia University Press) provides similar guidance.


For many years, newspapers have been a primary source of information regarding such topics as: war, politics, economic, and social issues.

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