how to solve this sentence?

See example:

In general, areas with a high rate of nitrogen dioxide associated with this increase due to car exhaust.
asked Jul 31 '12 at 19:49 alnuaimi New member

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You sentence is incomplete. Because we cannot guess as to how you intended to complete the sentence, we cannot correct (or 'solve') this for you. We can explain what is wrong with the sentence.


Every sentence (or independent clause) must be a complete thought -- with a subject and a predicate. The job of the predicate is to modify the subject through the use of a verb. While your sentence has serveral phrases that modify the subject, none of the phrases contains the necessary verb. Let's break your sentence down.


You begin with an introductory phrase --> "In general", We can ignore this phrase in this discussion.


Your subject comes next --> "areas".


A prepositional adjective phrase comes next --> "with a high rate of nitrogen dioxide". The phrase modifies the subject "areas", but shows no action or state of being for the subject.


A verb follows --> "associated".  However, the subject of this verb is the object of the preceeding adjective phrase --> "nitrogen dioxide". This verb does not act on the sentence subject and, thus, does not complete the sentence.


A prepositional adverbial phase is next --> "with this increase". This phrase modifies the verb "associated". 


Your "sentence" ends with another adjective phase --> "due to car exhaust". This subject of this phrase is the object of the previous adverbial phrase --> "increase".


Unfortunately, your sentence contains no verb that acts on the sentence subject. If we strip away all of the various phrases that describe the subject, we are left with: In general, areas.  As you can now see, this is an incomplete thought.


Your sentence suffers from having too many phrases strung together. These phrase make your sentence too complicated and obscure the fact that your sentence does not really say anything.


I hope this helps.

link answered Jul 31 '12 at 20:44 Jeff Pribyl Grammarly Fellow

Excellent. Great! We were never taught Grammar at school in this way.

sanjayAug 01 '12 at 04:53

It is called diagramming a sentence. It is much easier on a piece of paper where you can draw the various line/symbols. I' still trying to figure out how to duplicate such a diagram here.

Jeff PribylAug 01 '12 at 14:38

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