Simple past vs Past perfect


 Why in the following sentences the simple past or the past perfect can be used in some phrases, while only the past perfect can be used in others?
1)He denied that he HAD TAKEN/ TOOK the money from the office.
2)At the conference, scientists reported that they HAD FOUND a cure for cancer.
3)The teacher guessed that some of the children HAD CHEATED/ CHEATED in the exam.
4)The boy told me that he HAD LOST his train ticket and didn't know how he would get home.
5)He denied that he HAD EVER BEEN/ WAS EVER in love with Kathy.

6)She showed him the letter that she HAD RECEIVED/ RECEIVED from her brother.   

7)Nadia said that she BROKE/HAD BROKEN the vase by accident and offered to replace it.    8)I was certain that HAD SEEN Rebeca at the hockey match, even though she said she was at home.                          

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