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present perfect in comparison to simple past is an action that still is active like "he was a teacher"=> he is not a teacher anymore, "he's been a teacher"=> he is a teacher now.

but present perfect in comparison to present perfect progressive is a finished action like "he's written the story of his life"=>that's finished but "he's been writing the story of his life"=>he is still writing,i'm confused.

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When we use present perfect tense, there is a connection with now. An action took place in the past, but its impact is still there on the present.


Here are the examples from Cambridge English Grammar Book:


Where is your key? I don't know.  I have lost it. (I don't have it now)

He told me his name, but I have forgotten it. (=I can't remember it now)


Present perfect continuous: An unfinished action that started in the past and continuing up to present. It is often used with for and since.


I have been living in Bangalore for 30 years.( I am still living in Bangalore)

I have been working in a software company as a HR manager since 2006.


An action that has just stopped(the whole action is still unfinished and has a result) . This result can be seen with our senses. That is , hear feel and see.


I am exhausted; I have been working all night.

The streets are wet; It has been raining since morning.


If you still have doubts, you are most welcome to ask without hesitation.


I hope it helps.

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!,m satisfied  . best regard

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