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which is the proper word to say sense of belonging

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"My English teacher advocated a list of synonyms for belonging - you should formulate one. For your specific case, a "sense of inclusion" could work as a simple substitution. If you want to be more grandiose, try (if it's for a girl): "she had an innate feeling, that swept through every vein and every cell in her body, that told her only one thing: there indeed was a perfect place for her to be at the point in time - her place was here, the time was now".

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Sanjay, here's a little more help on how to properly quote someone. You did put the link, but there is no indication (unless one clicks on the link) that this is a quote from that site. The entire passage shold have quotation marks surrounding it. Without that, when we read "my English teacher..." we can only assume that Sanjay is telling us something that his teacher said. But reality is that this answer was written by some unknown person on another site.

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Ok. Sure. I will do it. Thanks.

sanjayJul 23 '12 at 18:39

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This is difficult to answer without an understanding of the context -- a sense of belonging to what? For instance, comardarie is a sense of "mutual trust and friendship among people who spend a lot of time together."


However, if you are searching for a general term that means a sense of belonging, perhaps your best choice is "sense of belonging." Sanjay's "sense of inclusion" also works.


Sanjay, the question concerns "belonging" -- as in a close and intimate relationship -- not "belongings," meaning possessions.

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