Capitalization of color names?


I am writing a non-fiction book about a jewelry company. In my description, I have not been capitalizing the colors of the stones or crystals. However, someone who is helping me (who is an expert on these stones) does capitalize the names of the colors.


Any advice?  Is this just a style thing?


Jewelry descripton using upper case for the stone colors.


Brooch/pin, 1965, white metal, cast, gold plated, Zircon and Fushia Swarovski crystals. This series also had kites made with an open metalwork frame without r.s. Part of the “Up in The Air” kite series. $45.00–$65.00.


Jewelry description using lower case for stone colors.


Napier manufactured a pin depicting Eliza Doolittle to commemorate the movie, “My Fair Lady,” as well as a rhinestone encrusted umbrella brooch and earring set in shades of jonquil, light sapphire and rose. Designer Eugene Bertolli. $45.00–$65.00.  

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