Which is correct? 1. She has long hair?2. She has a long hair.3. She puts the large basket on the floor.Anyone can help to explain: before adjectives,when we should put an article "a" or "the"or zero article? Thanks.Thanks.

asked Jul 20 '12 at 07:06 May New member

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1. She has long hair

2. She puts a/the large basket on the floor.

3. . She has a long hair.( This sentence says, she has only one long hair)


We use "a" or "an" before an adjective and a noun combination.

In your first sentence hair is an uncountable noun. Therefore, zero article before "long"

In the sentence, basket is a noun and large is an adjective. Hence, use "a" or "the" if you are talking about the particular basket.

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