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See example:

when i turned twentione i was kinda of lost my life was based on a one way street on the other hand my father would always be gone and just take care of my little brothers but not me i was always alone he thught that i wouldent care if he was gone i only had one problem he was no able to take any responsibility for me i felt lke i was not his, i couldnt beleve what my life would be wothout him, but he never seem to care.
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The ideas are here to turn this run-on sentence into something great, but you've ignored some of the most basic rules of grammar (capitalization, punctuation, spelling).  You have several sentences that you've mushed into one.  Put a little more effort into correcting the basic mistakes, repost, and perhaps someone will help you fine-tune the rest.

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When I turned tweny one,  my life  was based on a one way street.  My father  took care of my younger brothers,  leaving me alone. My father thought that I would not care younger brothers  if he was gone.  I had only one problem.  Nobody cared, least of all my father.  I felt like that I was not born to him. I could not believe how my life would be without him, but he doesn't  seem to care.


I hope this helps.

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