Is it a question of disagreement between subject and verb?


the aim is to build a conditional sentence: "...were the Consortium finally awarded... and the terms and conditions... met XXX requirements, XXX [then] would favourably consider submitting..."

See example:

We may now inform you that FIEM management has attributed a high interest to the Project - a kind of infrastructure investment where Spain technological leadership is extensively renowned - and would favourably consider submitting a proposal to FIEM's Executive Board for the provision of financial support, should the Consortium were finally awarded the preferred bidder status and the terms and conditions set up for the transaction met FIEM's requirements.
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Although punctuated as one -- very, very long -- sentence, it is actually two. The comma following "financial support" should be a period, and "should" must be capitalized.


To form the desired conditional sentence (a Type I or Present Real), the verb in the if clause "were" must be in the present tense -- "be". The definite article "the" before "preferred bidder status" is probably not needed for the intended meaning. There is no result clause to balance the if clause.


Should the Consortium be finally awarded preferred bidder status and the terms and conditions set up for the transaction met FIEM's requirements, then something happens that the author has forgotten to tell us about.


Your word choice is wordy. For instance, "attributed a high interest to". Not only is "attributed" the wrong verb choice for the context, the whole phrase can be more concisely: "is highly interested in"


Spain should be the possessive "Spain's".


On about the fifth reading, I realize that the entire "first sentence" (before "should") is actually intended to be the result clause.  If a native speaker with several graduate degrees has to read the sentence five times, the sentence is too complex. Consider rewording to make this two sentences. Perhaps something along the lines of:


Management is impressed. If the Consortium receives preferred bidder status and does XXX, management will recommend investing in the Consortium to the Board.

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