`look to `as`


it looks like Soju found a dead dog.

However, the computer said i need to change to--

It looks as Soju found a dead dog.

See example:

It looks like Soju found a dead dog.
asked Jul 08 '12 at 06:13 catherine New member

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It looks like Soju found a dead dog. I think your  sentence is correct.

link comment answered Jul 08 '12 at 09:35 sanjay Expert

Your use of "like" is wrong -- that is, if you are an extremely conservative grammarian. Here is what Grammar Girl (http://grammar.quickanddirtytips.com) has to say about this issue: The background is that traditionally like is a preposition and as is a conjunction. Nevertheless, people have been using like as if it were a conjunction [as in Catherine's question] for at least 100 years, and grammarians have been raging against that use for just as long. In fact, the Harper Dictionary of Contemporary Usage states that “probably no single question of usage has created greater controversy in recent years” than the conjunctive use of like.

Grammarly takes a conservative, British English view of like versus as. In Grammarly's view, the sentence should be It looks as if Soju found a dead dog.


However, I personally agree with Sanjay. The ship sailed on the like/as battle long ago.  Even the Oxford English Dictionary now includes like as a conjunction, albeit for informal use.


I hope this helps.

link edited Jul 08 '12 at 19:28 Jeff Pribyl Grammarly Fellow

Oh I see. Thanks a lot

catherineJul 09 '12 at 07:45

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