Grammar check - passed Grammarly but feels wrong


Is this really correct grammar?


The guide is divided into 7 easy to follow steps. For example, the “Lesson no 4” teach you about “Zero to 1000 gold in less than an hour”. The best thing about the guide is the techniques are so simple that you can use them in almost any level you want.

asked Jul 06 '12 at 01:24 Ian Rance New member

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Stinky sentences!

I agree with Tolley, but I'd like to point out that "Lesson number four teaches about 'Zero to 1000 gold' in less than an hour" and "Lesson number four teaches about 'Zero to 1000 gold in less than an hour'" mean two different things.  The former states that it will take less than an hour to learn how to go from "Zero to 1000 gold", while the latter implies that it takes less than an hour to go from "Zero to 1000 gold".

link answered Jul 06 '12 at 04:54 Jody M. Expert

I shouldn't have personified "Lesson number four". "The simplicity of lesson number four allows the learner. . ." Hmm.

TolleyJul 06 '12 at 13:42

Maybe lesson number four comes complete with arms, legs, a head, and an amusing personality that will have you learning and earning in less than an hour.

Jody M.Jul 06 '12 at 14:46

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