Why Context Matters


Why context matters.  What does “trainer” mean?

It’s 1942 and I’m a twenty-year-old male at a remote Texas location – trainer likely means an aircraft used for pilot training.
I’m a NASA astronaut or an airline pilot – trainer likely means a flight simulator.
I’m at the Santa Anita Racetrack – trainer likely means a person who trains racehorses.
I’m a British or American athlete and it is 1960 – trainer likely means the person  tends to my minor medical and physical therapy needs.
I’m at a New York City gym and it is 1936 – trainer likely means my boxing coach.
I’m a British athlete today – trainers likely means my running shoes.
I’m a student in India – trainer likely means an English teacher.


It is amazing how the meaning of one word can change depending upon the time and place. I thought our members might find this interesting.  

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Worth-preserving article.   Thanks a lot.

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