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1. Through the use of e-portfolios, student work was digitized and kept on record in

computerized systems, revised over time, and is available for students to organize and

present to faculty, friends, and to prospective employers.

2. Students can digitize work in various media formats such as podcasts, discussion boards,

in blogs, digital video, shown in slide show presentations, or electronic journals.

Through the use of e-portfolios, students can share their creative work and documented

life experiences with others who provide feedback and assessment of their learning and

skills development.

3. Another trait that characterizes millennial students is the need for timely feedback on

their work. Feedback can be vital for millennial students, who feel an impulsive need for

acceptance and often working zealously to achieve approval.

4. The e-portfolio permits instructors and evaluators to review materials online and also

providing a means of fast, sometimes instant, feedback.

5. Often, reviewers can view the information presented online and responding to the student

by email or to call them on the phone.

6. With an e-portfolio system, faculty can move beyond their own courses and start to track

the progress of each student over an entire program, over a whole curriculum, or tracking

them throughout a series of courses.

7. This allows for ongoing evaluation, a student can reflect on feedback, and continual

directed improvement.

8. For example, if an institution wished to track student progress in writing skills from

freshman to senior year, faculty could integrate a regiment of writing assignments

throughout the program all designed for clear comparison to show improvement in

writing skills.

9. Students can be required to archive the collection of writing assignments in their eportfolio

And making the archive available to their instructors who can evaluate, comparing, and they can

Provide feedback from a current and historical perspective.

10. Students have a means to identify areas for improvement over time, making adjustments,

and to verify that they have improved.

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