put in the missing commas and colons in the right places.


1.I never go to bed until 10 00 PM.

2.I have three hobbies I collect coins, I read, and I knit.

3. Glen doesn't have any friends he's always mean to them.

4.You will need the stationaries for school pencils, erasers and markers.

5.There are three rules in my class raise your hand, don't speak out,and stay on task.

6.I'm feeling really sick today I have a headache and I have nausea.

7.I wish I had a pet I have always liked animals.

8.I have been really happy today I just found out my sister topped the exam.

9.The friends I play with are as follows Jill, Jack, Tom and Eden.

10.There are four parts to a plant roots, stem, leaves and flowers.

asked Jun 30 '12 at 17:36 vinod kumar New member

I would appreciate if you could ask your questions in the request form. Mind you, they are not at our disposal. I hope you understand.

sanjayJul 01 '12 at 08:53

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