When do you capitalize position titles?


Should the words, presidents, partners and founders be capitalized in the following sentence?


Executive International is a company that establishes and operates peer advisory groups for CEOs, Presidents, Partners and Founders of privately held businesses with revenues of $4M or greater throughout the world.

capitalization asked Jun 27 '12 at 13:23 Carol Fehrman New member

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No, presidents, partners, and founders are not capitalized in your sentence. In general, titles (offices, ranks, etc.) are capitalized only when they occur immediately prior to a personal name.


There are a few exceptions to this rule. The Chicago Manual of Style says "In promotional or ceremonial contexts such as a displayed list of donors in the front matter of a nook or a list of corporate officers in an annual report, titles are usually capitalized even when following a personal name. Exceptions may also be called for in other contexts for reasons of courtesy or diplomacy." And also "much of [Chicago's guidance] is contradicted by the official literature typically generated by political offices .... In formal academic prose, however, civil title are capitalized only when used as part of the name."

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