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 Using the last name Frye, which is correct, from the Frye's kitchen, or from the Fryes' kitchen?

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The answer depends upon whether you are referring to a singular Frye or multiple Fryes.


Let's assume that "John Frye" lives alone. You would then say "Frye's kitchen". Now let us assume there is an entire family of Fryes living together. You would then say "the Fryes' kitchen".


The letter "s" is added to most nouns to form a plural. An apostrophe + "s" is used to indicate the possessive for words not ending in "s".  It has been common to indicate the possessive of words ending in "s" by just adding the apostrophe -- Fryes'.  However, one major style guide -- the Chicago Manual of Style -- is now recommending that ALL possessives be formed by adding apostrophe + "s" -- Fryes's.

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