Is Freeport spelled as one word?

See example:

I hope Labour will not be responsible for the liquidation of companies like Sea Malta, the bad investment in the Brindisi freeport the selling of the country's major assests to finance its Budgets.
asked Jun 14 '12 at 15:41 Frank Zammit New member

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I find references to the Port of Brindisi and to Porto di Brindisi, but not to Brindisi Freeport. If Brindisi Freeport is the name of a business venture, it may well be one word and it should be capitalized as a proper name.


The second half of your sentence does not make sense and is missing punctuation. Here is what you have said, but it is not what I think you mean. You hope the Labour Party will not liquidate companies like Sea Malta, you hope the Labour Party will not make a bad investment in the Brindisi Freeport, and you hope the Labour Party will not sell the country's assets to finance its budget.


I suspect that you mean something closer to: Because somebody made a bad investment in the Brindisi Freeport venture, the government is under pressure to finance its budget. You hope the Labour Party is not forced to sell the country's assets, such as Sea Malta, to recover from that loss.

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