Why would you renew my subscription without my permission!  HOW DARE YOU

asked Jun 09 '12 at 16:33 d Contributor

The same thing happened to me. Only when I checked my bank account, I came to know that my subscription is renewed. Therefore, I took a decision to never subscribe or recommend it to anyone.

Lekha MathewJun 01 '16 at 11:34

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You need to direct this to customer service, not us.


You should have canceled your plan before the renewal.

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Iam not writing anyone at all I want a phone call now 434-444-2940.  or you will be reported to the Better Business Bureau and legal proceding started.


This is not a threat; it is an impending action. I  paid you via my credit card for premium services and that is what I expect. And not an email but a voice call immediately.


Santina Knight

link comment answered Mar 18 '15 at 14:13 Santina Knight New member

I encouted the same issue. No email reminding about renewing. They are just try to cheat new memebers! BTW, has your problem been solved? 

link comment answered Jul 20 '15 at 15:14 Yingying Chen New member

I also have had an issue because this was supossed to be a monthly plan! They took all the money out at once and made me over draft!!

link answered Sep 18 '15 at 15:18 Malissa New member

I have the same issue as you too. They charged me for $198 and it was over charge. I just registered it for few weeks and yet they charge me that much.

TiffanyFeb 19 '16 at 07:33

Have either of you had your issue resolved? I had the same issue today and I'm in debt with the bank because of it. I'm stressing because I have no money and if I had known this would happen I wouldn't have subscribed.

Grace DawsonMar 02 '16 at 07:13

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Wow. Crybabies. Do your  own bookeeping. It plainly states on the website the subscription will be renewed unless you cancel by a certain date. I dont think Grammarly is repsonsible for you people not knowing how to read. Grow up. Grammarly isnt your Mommy. Its  a business. The information was there, your both just idiots. 

link answered Nov 19 '15 at 19:46 prestonvaanhorne New member

I have the same issue as you too. They charged me $198 over the original price of the premium one

TiffanyFeb 19 '16 at 07:31

I cancel my subscription a month ago and they still took it out today

Markeisa glennApr 01 at 19:28

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These people are taking advantage of students. They are now under investigation and I have set up a website to collect all legitimate grievances against this LLC. Please contact us at this website if you have a complaint or issue @ Or stonepitman&;

link comment answered Dec 01 '15 at 01:46 Jennifer Leigh Brand New member

I have tried to cancel and they won't refuse to stop billing !

link comment answered Dec 09 '15 at 18:05 Carolyn Mirek New member

has anyone seen their money back

link comment answered Dec 17 '15 at 19:19 isabella penavic New member

I cancelled my subscription and I just got a bill for almost 30 dollars! I demand a phone number to call right now.

link comment answered Jan 07 '16 at 16:45 Kaley Knight New member

I had the same issue as everyone else. A monthly subscription turned into a yearly payment. That is misrepresentation and I will file a complaint.

link comment answered Jun 08 '16 at 16:20 Caleb Collins New member

I just signed up for a months subscription for $11.99. I look at my banking information and they have charged me 135.95! I tried to call but was directed back to the website. I am furious. This website was recommended in an online class. The next class I am in, I will be informing the student to watch out for this scam! I want to be contacted now.

link comment answered Jul 17 '16 at 18:10 Holly Alender New member

I subscribed for the annual premium package and was billed $189.95 instead of 135.95. How do I get my refund?

link comment answered Oct 07 '16 at 11:25 Kome New member

how dare to renew my subscription without my fucking people are charging unnecessory ....please return my money for last five month or I  drag you in court..

link comment answered Nov 22 '16 at 01:30 mahesh savaliya New member


link comment answered Nov 22 '16 at 01:31 mahesh savaliya New member

It is common business practice to notify people before you bill them, so it doesn't bounce. Not common, ubiquitous. To get charged out of nowhere at a higher rate is evil. People calling others names probably work for the company. No phone number? This is definitely shady.

link comment answered Dec 02 '16 at 21:25 Charles Wood New member

Same thing happened to me. They have been charging me monthly, and i'm very upset!

link comment answered Dec 16 '16 at 02:06 melissa johnson New member

Same thing happened to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I would like to sue them!!!!!!!

link comment answered Dec 16 '16 at 09:05 Vector Ye New member

Wish I read this warning before. Not pleased, not happy!

link comment answered Jan 21 at 20:24 christiane New member

Grammarly will renew your subscription and charge you without any authorization. I would not encourage anyone to pay for this service, trial version only. Worst service!

link comment answered Feb 17 at 18:01 Amanda Roberge New member

They have a number but there is no one to answer, it's all automated and you can leave them a VOICE MESSAGE. I have sent them multiple emails and gone through the help department. DO NOT USE THIS PROGRAM. 

link comment answered Mar 04 at 19:29 Brittany Boots New member

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link comment answered Aug 15 '16 at 12:15 suresh723 New member

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