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Is this sentence really unclear? Any suggestions to fix it?

See example:

Her ability to effectively communicate through organization, creditability and arguments makes her work most exemplary and something that should be replicated for more individuals to read.
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Honestly, it looks a bit like thesaurus overuse, but perhaps the sentence would benefit if it were broken up and if it used a simpler structure. Let me see if I understand you correctly in my rewording:

Her organisation, credibility, and compelling arguments contribute to her effective communication style. This style, evident in her exemplary work, would serve as an excellent standard for other publications.

Notice how I changed creditability to credibility, since creditability means "the state of deserving very limited praise" (obviously not your intention, judging by the rest of your paragraph). Also, I removed the use of the word replicated, since it implies an exact duplicate of her work, which (besides probably being illegal) isn't necessary because we already have the originals of her work. :)

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