When writing the abrevation for America, how is it done correctly ?


I have lived in the US.

See example:

I have lived in the US.
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The Chicago Manual of Style does an amusing dance around this topic.  It suggests not using periods with abbreviations that are in full capitals (US).  It then goes on to suggest that when using traditional abbreviations, use periods (U.S.), and then changes its mind again and recommends the two-letter postal code (US).  Confused yet?


I don't use periods in capitalized abbreviations.  I don't see the need for them.  There is very little chance of the reader mistaking US for us.


I did find an interesting tidbit of information in the Chicago Manual of Style -- when United States is used as a noun, it should be spelled out.  I live in the United States.

When United States is used as an adjective, it should be abbreviated.  I am a US resident.


By the way, US isn't an abbreviation of America.

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I have lived in the U.S.

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