What is the meaning of " to start with sb.~" and how to use it?


What is the meaning of " to start with sb.~"? 


1. To start some relationship (ie, love?) with somebody?

   Does it mean to begain a relationship between the two people?


    ie: How to start with Her? 

    ie: Does that girl like me? how can I "start" with her, 



2. To start to do something ?


    ie: To work out a plan, one has to start with investigation.


3. Other meanings?


    ie: Start With Your Heart!

    ie: To start with,we haven't enough money,and secondly we haven't enough time.

    ie: A list of fourteen adjectives that start with the letter Z.


Finally, could anyone tell me if this sentence is correct?  


==>We expect to start with your company through promoting our APPLE coffee machines.

PS: I want to tell my potential distributor that he can place trial order to us (at a small volume quantity)at the beginning,  in order to build up the business relationship between us. Is there any better way to say it?


Thank you very much!!

start with asked Jun 06 '12 at 06:33 vanessa New member

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