How do you designate a title of an article?


I put my title in quotes but it requires a period at the end. How else could I designate it as a title of an article? That title is "Freedom".

See example: "Freedom"

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Different style guides -- Chicago Manual of Style, MLA, APA, etc. -- provide slightly different guidance regarding how titles should be formatted. In general, book titles are italicized and articles -- magazine, newspaper, journal -- are placed within quotation marks.  If you are working on a typewriter (does anybody still remember those?), book titles are underlined.


If you are asking about how to handle the period, the style guides again offer slightly different advice. First, the British standard differs from the American. The British place all punctuation outside of the quotation mark unless it is part of the quotation (or title). The American standard (except those who follow the American Chemical Society's style guide) is to place all commas and periods inside the quotation marks. Other punctuation follows the British system.


Finally, if the period is part of the title, but the title does not end the sentence, the period should be ommitted for clarity. In other words, do not have a sentence with two periods.


British -- "Freedom".

American -- "Freedom."

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