differences between lose and miss


What is the diffrence between lose and miss?

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VERB: fail to keep possession of; mislay, misplace; be deprived of; be defeated, fail; be bereaved; suffer a loss; waste; miss; go in the wrong direction; become less effective or valuable, diminish


NOUN: failure to hit something; lack; omission, misfire; failure; evasion, avoidance

VERB: fail to strike (a target); be late, fail to be present; feel absence, long for; omit; avoid

SHORTLY I could say that miss is something you have lost it unconsciously or you didn't have it at past and lose is to tort consciously.

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To lose your keys means you cannot find them.  If you say you miss your keys, then you notice you don't have them and may even long for them.  Or to miss them would mean that you just walked by them and forgot to pick them up.


In a romantic context, to lose someone means you don't have them, that you have broken up with them, and that you might not ever get them back.  But missing someone just means they are not with you at that particular moment and that you can be with them again soon.  You might also miss your former lover if you lose them to someone else, but "missing" is the feeling, and losing is the state of the relationship.


In sports, if you swing at a ball and don't hit it, it is a miss or a strike, but if you lose the ball, that means the ball itself is gone (like if you hit it into the bleachers or out of the ballpark, or you lost the ball before the game and thus nobody can play).


When it comes to general opportunities, the words can mean the same thing, like missing a chance or losing a chance.

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