which one is correct ?


which one is correct ? anti-bullying or amtibullying ?

See example:

It is suggested that legal principles must take into great consideration in order to establish anti-bullying policy in this country.
asked May 23 '12 at 23:17 sandy New member

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I agree with Tolley.  You also remove the passive voice.  If the writing is not too formal, you can say:


We should strongly consider legal principles as we establish a national anti-bullying policy.


Or flip the sentence around:


Any national anti-bullying policies should take legal principles into account.


The confusion is that Grammarly suggests removing the hyphen.  However, I've seen "anti-bullying" used the most, and I am sure style guides outside of Grammarly prefer that form.

link comment answered May 24 '12 at 03:06 Courtney Contributor

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