i dont get this


i dont understand this topic of language.

See example:

His innocence was lost in the matter of minutes and he fell to the evil side of him and did not try to fight it off one bit.
asked May 21 '12 at 21:35 Arturo Flores New member

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"matter of minutes" is SINGULAR so "His innocence was lost in a matter of minutes." The next bit is clumsy, and the whole thing should be more than one sentence, IMHO, but I know what you are trying to say.  How about "He did not try to resist. His evil side was in the ascendant!" Those three short sentences are much more punchy and dramatic than the original, and this would seem to suit the subject matter well.

link comment answered Feb 01 '14 at 05:53 Jacq Felis New member

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