who or whom


Which is correct--Most girls have another girl who they call their best friend.

                or-----Most girls have another girl whom they call their best friend.



and please explain why.

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In your examples, whom is the correct choice.  Who is used to refer to the subject of the sentence or clause. Whom is used to refer to the object of the sentence or clause.


Who goes these? 

Governor Pat Brown, who the voters elected in 1958, urged passage of the state water project bonds.


This coat belongs to whom?

The voters elected Pat Brown, whom would serve for eight years.


Because we tend to avoid using whom, it often feels odd when it is used.

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here is a fun link, whether you already understand the distinction between "who" and "whom" or not! after starting the e-lesson, the topic is discussed on page 5, but I would start from the beginning: www.linguicon.com/schools/students/grammar/grammar-2-050/

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