why should i change we?

See example:

In America, most people would prefer a love marriage rather than an arranged marriage, because we want to have our freedom and we choose material things over love.
asked May 07 '12 at 01:46 atempa kwamina New member

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You might not need to change we.  However, in formal writing, pronouns should be avoided.


When scanning with Grammarly, you need to set it to scan for the type closest to what you are writing.  Hover over Start Review and then select the type.  Then click Start Reviewto run it in the desired mode.

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Are you speaking about yourself or others? if you are speaking about others you should change "we". because your object isn't you yourself and so you should change it to "they" indeed.But if you speak about yourself you should change all pronouns to "we".

link comment answered May 08 '12 at 08:07 hadi New member

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