Is there any easy way from which a person can be acquainted with grammatical expressions in writings? Does English language has a list of its grammatical expressions e.g noun phrase, relative clause e.t.c?

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Tolley answered your question in a broad sense. I'll try to provide more detail.


Yes, English uses grammatical structures such as noun phrases, verb tenses, relative clauses -- and many others. A good grammar textbook will describe these structures and provide guidance. I like Practical English Usage by Michael Swan (London: Oxford University Press, 2005), although it requires some knowldege of grammar to navigate. There are many other excellent texts.


As Tolley points out, English is a difficult language to learn. Do not expect to find a single reference that describes all possible structures and combinations. English, more than any other language, borrows words and grammatical structures from other languages. This means that for every "rule" there are also many exceptions. These exceptions are best understood through reading, reading, reading.


To understand the complexity of English compared to other languages, consider that French uses about 43,000 words. The Oxford English Dictionary describes about 180,000 words, and some experts believe that English currently uses about 250,000 words (including slang and collequialisms not yet in the dictionaries).

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