Is this a good prologue?


Is this a good prologue to a story, or is it too short?  Some questionable places are in italics.



Imagine yourself in a world of injustice, a world where wrong seems right, and a world where it seems there is no hope.  Common ordinary people are targets of violence and injustice, and nobody seems to care.  Then out of the blue as it seems, unlikely champions appear to save the day using unlikely means.  They are not avengers in the ordinary sense, but use intelligence and a cunning sense of timing to mete out justice.



Our heroes’ actions are surprising, and not always pleasing for all viewers, as the characters’ actions and morality  may challenge the audience’s sensibilities.  However, when change comes to a society, it often does not take an easy path.  Many people may enjoy meat products, but few want to know about the production process.  If you take a trip through an abattoir or a meat processing plant, you may question your appetite, or you may call the process inhumane.  However, such work is a necessary evil.  Who wants to starve just out of some luxury to be all self-righteous?  So our heroes may not always seem like heroes, but they may in the end, or will there ever be an end to this saga?


So sit back, offer up comments or suggestions if you dare, and enjoy the ride.

Courtney, I haven't written any fiction for many, many years - high school. Try to get some advice from Jeff Tolley. He has published before and is much more knowledgeable in that area. Prologues usually depict a time or occurrence that predates the actual story line and sets the stage for the novel proper.

Lewis NeidhardtMay 05 '12 at 21:46

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