should the Gentlemen's have an 's or not...

(America's Young Gentlemen's Mentoring Program)

asked May 05 '12 at 01:33 Sherman Rutledge Jr. New member

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Does the Mentoring Program belong to the young gentlemen?  Or does the program mentor young gentlemen?  If the first, then the 's is needed. If the second, then no.

link comment answered May 05 '12 at 02:38 Jeff Pribyl Grammarly Fellow

I agree with Jeff above, and here is something else to keep in mind.  What is the exact formal name of the organization?  You would want to use the exact thing they use if this is the name of a specific program.  "America's" might be better replaced with "American" unless "America's" is in their actual name.

link answered May 05 '12 at 09:38 Courtney Contributor

The possessive American's may also be appropriate if the organization is international in scope and the writer is referring to a specific chapter. But then, the question said this is a title ......

Jeff PribylMay 05 '12 at 14:28

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