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Power Rankings
Part 2- EU Conference
#1 Helsinki Titans-

A big part the Titans have success this season goes to Claudio Martucci. He definitely deserves
everything he’s gotten as a reward.
So far in the season he has played 55 games he only lost 11 of those. Nine of which were in regulation. He holds a SV% of 0.929 and a GAA of 1.79 this season. It has not only been Martucci’s phenomenal play that has helped the team play well.

Pavel Koradek has put up 100 points. 48 of his points have come from goals and put up 52 assists. Koradek in his last seven games has put up at least one point. The Titans’ needed not only his offensive game but his defensive too. Something great and truly defining about Koradek's play is that he only has 2 PIM.

It’s has not only been Koradek that has scored for the team. Matthew Boragina has given his fair share to the Titans too.

Most notable from the team for his domination has been Leeroy Jenkins.
Leeroy looks to keep playing his best and keep up with his dominating performance. Leeroy has 106 points so far 46 of those come from goals and the other 60 from assists.
Titans’ strengths:
- You don’t need to be Albert Einstein to figure out how great Martucci plays. He has been confident and feeling well. Offense
-The key in the Titans game other than goaltending is offense. Their offense has shown how demolishing the Titans’ offense is. Their top line is combined for 309 points.
Titans’ weaknesses
- You never know a batch of youngsters could lead you to a playoff championship but it never hurts to have some veterans on your squad. The Titans don’t have many, and it could come back to bite them in the behind sooner or later in the playoffs

#2 Riga Reign-

The Reigns’ season so far has been more than spectacular for a team ranked not to go far but that doesn’t hide the fact that critics won’t give credit to anyone on this team, why? Because of Riga’s past, the team hasn’t won a championship but they certainly have come close in many chances. You may ask, “Why do I think this season will be different than the others for Reign?” The thing is now that Riga has the composure, will, skill set to make a long playoff run and it’s about time they done it. The Reigns’ record so far this season is better than better for a team that analysts thought were to be at the bottom of the league by now.                                                                                                                                                                 The three dynamic players that have brightened for this Riga team are Kasey Braun, Gunar Axelsson, and Ansgar Snijider who have shown their best of their best this season and so far have proved the media wrong.                                                                                                                                                                           The most notable of the three is Ansgar Snijider- not because of his name but because of his point total 35 goals and 49 assists, 84 points. Riga’s record so far is 39-14-1.
Titans’ strengths:
Dynamic Trio
These three guys have been a true dynamic trio. They have provided great total of points and hope to continue.
Andreas Bjorkman
- Another reason for the Titans success has been from a man named Andreas Bjorkman who has been absolute stellar so far in the 44 games he’s played. He’s put up a SV% of 0.933 and a GAA of 1.77, example of excellence.

Titans’ weaknesses:
Media attention
-  The media attention could get to the Riga Reign players heads.


#3 Vasteras Iron Eagles-

A thing that puts the Iron Eagles atop of HC Davos Dynamo is their star status.                                              Which of those includes top 5 points-getter young superstar; Tukka Reikkinen, who has become one of the elite forwards in the league in just his third season in the VHL. So far in his third season Reikkinen has put up 103 points in only 54 games, dominating at such a young age. It’s not only been Reikkinen dominating this season though Lasse Millo has been proving many wrong and so far has 99 points. This Iron Eagles team isn’t the best out there but they definitely aren’t the worst they’ve got the skill and the mind set to be a great team in the near future or even at this moment. Watch out for the Eagles to make a strong push from this point on until season’s end. Also keep an eye out on JaMarcus Simmons, who has 43 points and definitely has provided his fair share in the business.

Eagles’ strengths
- The Eagles’ future is bright they have the young superstars needed for the long playoff runs and are sure to dominate in sometime soon.
Star Status
- Since day one of Reikkinen career you knew he was going to be a great forward in this league. But the rest of the Eagles’ squad has shown they have come to play too which includes Simmons and Millo.
Eagles’ weaknesses
- The Eagles’ defense is young and they have made some costly mistakes for the team and it hasn’t fared well for them.
- A big major issue this season for Eagles’ was goaltending; their team had a resemblance to the Lightning’s season of the NHL 2011-12 regular season enough firepower, but not the right goaltender for the team to go far. Unlike the Lightning though the Eagles goaltender wasn’t a 41 year old.


#4 HC Davos Dynamo-

It’s not like the Dynamos’ season has been bad, well entirely it hasn’t, actually it’s been OK but it’s the fact how deep the EU Conference is and they have to be ranked fourth because they’re not better than most of the European teams above, NO OFFENCE to every proud member of the club or to a proud fan base but it’s just that the conference is so stacked that Dynamos’ OK season is looked at as a bad season in many ways. There has been some good for the Dynamo squad and actually there have been many great things for this team; one of them includes Goaltending. Goaltender Satan is still young but he definitely is on his game and he will become better for the Dynamo squad in the near future.
Dynamos’ strength
- The future of the Dynamos’ will obviously include goaltender Satan and why shouldn’t it? Satan is a top prospect and watch out for this goaltender to shine.
- Satan is a great goaltender and watch out for this super swede, to impress a lot of people in this next World of Hockey to be played and in the future for the team.

For now, that’s all.



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