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If true that Claudio Martucci will test Free Agency this summer then seven other GMs will be quite happy to pick up this young goaltender but who will pick him up?

Martucci has been phenomenal this season and numbers don’t lie but it has not only been his stats.     It’s been his skill set and composure and he shone everyone this season that he is a marvelous goaltender.

It is not 100% if Martucci will test Free Agency but in an interview he had told a reporter that he hopes to. So which lucky GM will get to sign him? I’ll break down each clubs chances of picking up what could be the steal of the Free Agency.



Seattle Bears YES/NO: NO, the Bears have a young goaltender on their hands whom is CA though it could happen. Though to the reason of having CAL G I have to say that the Bears will probably pass on Martucci.

New York Americans YES/NO: YES, the Americans aren’t really in need of a goaltender but it’d make a great battle if it was Martucci vs. CAL G but it could work or not but it’s likely to work. Also, though Martucci may want to stay in Europe and play on that size of an ice surface.

Calgary Wranglers YES/NO: Maybe, chances aren’t high for the team as Martucci probably won’t want to go to a team that is rebuilding but he could fare well in a young environment but the ice surface may come into factor here too and he may want to stay in Europe.

Toronto Legion YES/NO: Maybe, but with the way that goaltenders have been handled in Toronto he may pass on the team.

Riga Reign YES/NO: YES, because Reign would fit in well for Martucci because of the ice surface and the fact that the team plays in Europe and he may not want to leave at the moment.

Vasteras Iron Eagles YES/NO: YES, the Eagles goaltending so far hasn’t been great but the offense and defense has been OK and if they can get a goalie like Martucci it’d help them in every way for not only now but the future so I have to choose the Eagles and Martucci would fit well as he plays for the Titans and it’s the same ice surface.

HC Dynamos: YES/NO: Maybe, the Dynamos do have the goaltending if needed but they can trade Satan and try to get something in return like offense and defense and it could factor well for the team but at the moment I have to say no as Satan’s user is the GM and plus Satan is a great goaltender for the future.

Helsinki Titans: YES/NO: YES, the Titans obviously want to try and keep this young goalie and could possibly but why would he want to test Free Agency and stay with the same team. I’m guessing he’s testing Free Agency so he can get different scenery. Contract: Martucci would like at the least a contract involving one year because he wants to test Free Agency and by that I suppose he means that he also wants to see if he will factor well on the team that is chosen and I also suppose the money in the contract will at least be 2.5 Million if one year if higher than two or three expect four to five million involved into the contract.

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