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how can i improve my writing style

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The first thing to do is learn correct grammar and spelling.  The more "tools" you have in your "toolbox," the more you will be able to do, and the more styles you will be free to use.


Then you need to learn the rules of all the basic styles.  For instance, in academic and other formal writing, you would avoid slang, idioms, pronouns, and abbreviations.  In technical writing, less articles and longer sentences are acceptable to a point, and a certain amount of jargon is allowed, if not required.  Personal writing is the most flexible, but you should still follow all the basic rules, including punctuation, capitalization, spelling and sentence structure.


Then there are the personal style variations.  That comes with being confident in your abilities and just being yourself.  We know certain writers by the grammar rules they bend or break, yet we don't get annoyed because they know how to break the rules and still make things work.  But before getting into such habits, it is always best to learn all the rules first.  Then you should know the reasons for them.  Then knowing that, you will know where you can bend the rules to fit who you are and your message.  Writing and speaking have been around for a lot longer than quite a few of the rules.  When it comes to style variations, there are some eras of communication which are best to avoid.  For instance, I cannot stand to read a lot of things that were written in the 1950's.  Why?  They are wordier and are more awkward and more formal than what exists now.  At the same time, it is good to read books from various genres and eras, since the more you expose yourself to, the more you will be able to develop your own style.  A friend told me about going to school and being made fun of or bullied for speaking and writing proper British English, as a born American.  She just read that many books from the UK.

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thank you i just want to ask you what is the best book of grammer to ESL students

saharMay 05 '12 at 20:13

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