usage of "it is said", "he is said", etc.


It is alleged that the man was driving at 110 miles an hour.


But, if we start the above sentence with the subject, please, tell me if the following is correct:

The man is alleged to have been driving at 110 miles an hour.

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These are all passive voice, and there is nothing actually wrong with them.  Passive voice often is more boring to read and may use more words.  To get rid of passive voice, you could say:


Police allege that the man was driving at 110 miles an hour.


Either way you worded it, the man was actually the object of the sentence.  The subject would be whoever is alleging he was driving like that.  But we could change that:


The man was allegedly driving at 110 miles an hour.


According to witnessess, the man was driving at 110 miles an hour.


Oftentimes, people use passive voice when they don't know or refuse to state the subject of the sentence.  It is also used in pseudo-academic speech as a way of trying to disguise a lack of information on the topic, or in propaganda to avoid crediting a discredited person.  They call that "weasel wording.

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Well done.

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