I have seen the word: Anti-Aging Party, separated by a hyphen. I need to write it w/ a hyphen for my sentence to make sense. Is this totally unexceptable ?

See example:

Through polite smiles and nods, Alice made a quick, inconspicuous perusal of the room only to realize she was the oldest in a group of anti-aging enthusiasts all in their early 20's.
asked May 03 '12 at 20:26 Laura Gonnerman New member

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I would say that's fine. Although 'unexceptable' most certainly isn't ;-)


I quite often use a hyphen to join two words whose pairing strengthens the meaning. I would only advise against it when one or other of the words is a verb.

'I need to top up my phone credit.' ('Top' is a verb, in this instance.)

rather than

'I need to top-up my phone credit.' ('Top-up' here comes across as a noun, such as: 'I need to get a top-up.')

link comment answered May 03 '12 at 20:40 Elvis Trundle Contributor

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