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Dear Paul;

I believe that we have had some miscommunications. In general, communications would be good to breakdown any confusion between 2 parties. I want to apologize for any inconvenience that I might have caused. On the other hand, I would like to have a piece of mind while I am performing at the Fitness Club. The main reason that I contacted you directly was to address a members concern. However, I will comply with the policy that I will need to report work related things to my club manager first. Ultimately, I continue to look after your stadium and to make sure that it is secured meticulously.


Regards Rayan

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Application Essay /Louinel Jean

After two months in Haiti at the end of 2011, it became more evident that the Master in Educational Leadership is right for me. During my trip, I came face to face with Haiti’s colossal need for dynamic and result-oriented leadership. This encounter, with the people I am destined to serve, gave me the boldness to look to TCNJ to sharpen my capacity, to stand as a demonstration prototype of what leadership is and what it can do through education.

I am Haitian and I have written and spoken countless times about Haitian issues in the international media, However, I have lived most of my conscious and professional years in Jamaica as a teacher and community organizer. Ultimately, I have never lost sight of the higher calling to prepare well, and to seek meaningful opportunities to help fill Haiti’s deep and historic vacuum of sustainable leadership.

Central to all purposes in this journey, that I so desperately need to start, is the prospects of working with the Norigene Foundation to aid in the implementation of a model school in Port-au-prince with focused curricula on environmental and multilingual education. The broader scope of such vision is to use urban -generated resources to support neglected rural communities with schools of the same caliber. Another great solution that my leadership skills will help to sustain is to extend educational opportunities to the handicapped children who are significantly marginalized due to the lack of school facilities and programs fit to serve them in deep rural Haiti.

As cadre to Norigene Foundation, also a lover of farming, I will oversee the planning strategies to build a model farm in Thomonde that will serve as a camp site for school children from around the country .This will help the children appreciate the practice of agricultural, be more sympathetic to animals, and show more respect and care for the environment. With these types of responsibilities in perspective, it would be sacrilegious or grossly naïve to neglect the pursuit of this higher cognitive capacity prior to total engagement in a country where dynamic leadership is not so far fetched.

As an international educator I have touched the world.  Now as an educational leader, I will prepare educators to execute programs that will put Haiti on the path of sustainable development, particularly at the grassroots level. I believe TCNJ can prepare me to take the magical stand to challenge status quo -shortsighted -tactics with eagle- eyes visionary leadership.

I am visiting New Jersey, and during my stay here in Ewing, I am being enriched every time I visit the library, and even more so, when I am greeted with the bright smiles and hospitality of  the students, staff, and faculty of this great beacon of our neighborhood . I belong to this community of light. If granted the opportunity to earn the Master of educational Leadership, I shall endeavor to believe and practice in the darkest streets of Haiti all that I will have learned in the lighthouses of the great College of New Jersey.                                                               Toward Success!

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