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The overall analysis sheet
The individual reflection
I was exciting with this visual counseling assignment because I could test my counseling skills and communication skills such as hearing and speaking; on the other hand, I was nervous and embarrassed with my lack of conversation skills since this counseling assignment was required not to precondition each partner’s any information (spontaneous) and I could not have opportunity to practice or prepare my response to client’s unexpected issue (not rehearsed).
My counseling as the worker had been processed under constant tension and pressure because I had to pay a lot of attention to hearing and comprehending the client’s social problems. Even though I missed or misunderstood a few of expressions of the client’s casual communication, I could satisfactorily complete. Personally, I was motivated by better result than what I concerned about, whether not or I could identify the client’s issue and help my client by providing the supportive communication upheld by diverse interviewing and counseling skills. Meanwhile, obsession that I have to promptly respond to the client’s mention caused my deficient language skills more shriveled; the slow response and the awkward and unsteady speech. Consequently, this assignment was very beneficial for me to identify  my self-esteem and gave me several advantages; the self-confidence that I can do better counseling on the next time and I can apply sufficient interviewing and counseling skills on the problem-solving of the client even though I recognized my listening and speaking skills was more or less problematic.                                            It was the great assignment.
The convenient and inconvenient interviewing skills that I employed during counseling
With my lack of communication skills, it was very difficult for me to immediately respond to the client’s mention because I needed time to interpret and make sentences, so I would like to use simple and short pattern of skills, such as prompting skill involving silences, brief statements for encouragement to draw out more information, eye contacting, nodding, posture, facial expression, tone of voice and body language, closing and opening question, analyzing, supporting, concreteness and empathy. The use of these skills make me feel comfortable when I use under situation required the nimble reaction or drawing out next stories; on the other hand, it feels uncomfortable for me to use paraphrasing, perception checking, REBT and the narrative approach under circumstance immediately demanded more prudent and logical thought and communication. For example, as the client emotionally mentioned “too much of effort” in the below- cited paragraph, I tried to apply empathy and analyzing statement, but I found that my statement was too poor. 

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  Lenora  a big hug and a hello,

Were you trying to stop a fight and got hurt?  Kidding!!! i hope that you are recovering good and that you are not in any pain. Jefa! i missed your humor and your direction. I am heading to the operating table again on December 1st, this time for a "abscess fistula" that is infected,  Lenora i continue to be so appreciative of all the extra work you guys have given me in the past months. Believe me it's made a huge difference in making my ends meet. I would not worry about work since you have the best VP'S in the district.  If i do not get chance to visit with you this week, i hope that you have a wonderful restful Thanksgiving break.

Again THANK YOU! you are one of a kind.

Joe Quintanilla  

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