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Unfortunately, when I first tried to use Gramarly, it was down with problems and I gave up on it for several months. I hired a proofreader who did a great job. I made several revisons and hired a second proofreader for a set of fresh eyes for a final edit (before Self-publishing),who did not know what she was doing but kept my money anyway. $500 later, I got Grammarly to work and it did as much, if not more than both editors did. Obviously, I am impressed and I wish Grammarly was working the first time I tried it. This way I could have given my manuscript to the editors for the final edit, after I ran it through Grammarly.


My question is, After what I went through two editors Iwonder if I could/should use Grammarly as my final edit? Is it that reliable? Should I still have an editor (a person) do the final proofread/edit before I self-publish?




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The publisher will likely direct the manuscript to their editor no matter what you have done pre-publisher, but it is wise to get it the the best point possible on your own. That way you maintain the most overall control of YOUR story.

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