In 'Pretty extended stay' stay is used as 'reside' or pretty long holiday. The word as used by Grammarly doesn't mean what I intend to convey.

See example:

Recuperation took a fairly a long stay in his, only sister's residence, as both his parents had died at an early age.
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It helps to understand how Grammarly works.  When Grammarly suggests a synonym, it is not saying that your word choice is wrong. Rather, it is saying, have you considered this synonym? The software only sees invididual words, not the overall context. It will make the same suggestion every time it sees the word.  Your original word choice may be the best for your context.


That said, Tolley and Lewis make excellent suggestions for improving your sentence. Let me add to what they are saying.


"Pretty extended stay" "fairly long stay" and "fairly long holiday" all suffer from the same problem -- they are vague.  The intensifiers "pretty" and "fairly" are meaningless. Is "pretty long" longer (or shorter) than "long"? It is better to either be precise -- a six-month stay -- or omit the intensifier altogether -- an extended stay.


No comma is needed between "his" and "only".


Both Lewis and Tolley struggle with your "as both his parents had died at an early age." I think you are trying to say that this is the cause and the stay at his sister's house is the effect.  But you have left something unsaid, and the reader is left trying to figure out what is implied. This omission may be acceptable if the readers share a uniform cultural/societal viewpoint -- recuperation must occur with family members, and only with family members -- but this is never a safe assumption. Thus, his parent's death is not the direct cause of your effect. It is the cause before the unsaid cause. Perhaps:


"Because he had no where else to stay--his parents had died at an early age--his lengthy recuperation was spent at his only sister's house." 

link answered Apr 27 '12 at 16:22 Jeff Pribyl Grammarly Fellow

Your suggested sentence at the end nails it, I think. Good one.

TolleyApr 27 '12 at 23:51

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