Changing the sentence structure without having a passive voice


Ironically, both instructors and driver were not injured.


The fruit stall was in a mess and the fruits were squashed.


The stollholder and his daughter were sent to the hospital to have their wounds tended.

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To have studied a wide range of courses as an undergraduate student has enhanced necessary skills and knowledge required for a postgraduate study. Particularly, while studying development management, sociology and international political economy provided me with theoretical and practical expertise in understanding the classical approaches of political economy and the process of globalisation.

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E-service is making a change in the lifestyle of people of Bangladesh and creating an interaction with the society and institutions. It is also dividing people into information-rich and information-poor group. The group which is poor in information is more disadvantaged and deprived of information because of not having sufficient income, lack of literacy rate, lack of sufficient access to e-service proving. This deprivation of information is creating the information-poor group in the society and thus it is making information gap at a wider scale. Considering the above mentioned situations, both private and public sectors have started to render the services through Community Information Centers (CICs) to provide information among the rural community people and extend the benefits by using the e-service equipments .From the above discussion, it is clear that CICs are the centers for providing ‘Shared ICT Access Facilities’ using computers, internet and other ICT equipments. CICs have been able to provide different e-services among the community level people at affordable prices among people of the developing countries of the world.

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And this may explain that, the ultrasonic wave is a small disturbance with typical magnitude in the range of Ao that cannot dismantle the molecules; therefore ultrasonic viscosity relates to a small-scale mobility of short segments between the mixture molecules

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It was assumed that along with Australia many more Western countries will experience a large demographic change in the future decades, outcomes in the forecasted growth in age retirement payments placing an unreasonable overburden on the economy of Australian.

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