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"It is important that you read the fine print." How is " that you read the fine print" acting in this sentence. If it's a relative or adverb clause, what is it describing?

asked Jun 22 '14 at 01:29 Jack Morais New member

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I see your dilemma. You want to call this an adjective clause; however, you know that it cannot be describing the adjective "important", and it is also diagrammatically disassociated from describing "it".  Further, it does not appear to be working adverbially to modify "is" (which we both know is impossible anyway), so perhaps it is functioning adverbially to modify "important".


I think that that is an acceptable line of thought; however, I would like to postulate "Option 3":


It is a Noun Clause taking the same approximate function of an appositive.


It, that you read the fine print, is important.


Note how this Noun Clause can also function as the subject of the sentence:


That you read the fine print is important.

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