Which is correct--have or had?


I'm stumped. Does the "all of which" refer back to the singular "inner world" or to the list: "thoughts, beliefs," etc.?


Our physical world is determined by our inner world of subconscious and conscious thoughts, beliefs, emotions, and actions, all of which have brought us . . . etc.

all singular plural asked Apr 25 '12 at 00:45 Peggy New member

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Our physical world is determined by our (drop the inner world stuff, it's extraneous blah blah blah) unconscious and conscious thoguhts, beliefs, emotions, and actions; All of which have brought us....


Your question is redundant...because you defined the "inner world" as the items in that list. Refer to one and you automatically refer to the other (since the one is comprised of all the others). Maybe not Grammatically Speaking, but in the spirit of what you are saying. That's why I say drop the "inner world" and focus more on what you are trying to express, then express it clearly and concisely.


I'd like to see the rest of the sentence, because it might change my overall impression of the entire statement.

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